O+ Products

The complete O+ product line-up. Oh yeah.


Stock up on energy-packed Oxygen Plus oxygen products to see what a boost of 95 percent pure oxygen can do for your exercise, work, travel, hiking and recovery. Oxygen Plus’s portable, recreational oxygen is designed to deliver on-the-go energy to help sustain vitality, decrease stress, improve mental clarity and alertness – so you feel more like you again.

Use O+ oxygen as a trusted travel, party or altitude remedy or to help restore your get up and go. O+ lightweight and stylish oxygen canisters contain 95 percent enriched oxygen – which is more than four times the amount in unpolluted, everyday air. 

Oxygen Plus is dedicated to providing you with portable pure oxygen that fits the needs of every health and wellness-minded lifestyle. Lightweight, compact and portable oxygen canisters — such as the O+ Mini, O+ Skinni and O+ Elevate Pack — cleverly slip in your jacket pocket, backpack or purse for anytime-energy and recovery. You’ll always have oxygen on demand when you stock up on O+ Refills for the refillable O-Stick.

Available in unscented Natural aromas, as well as in light, refreshing Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit flavors, O+ offers you diverse options to your everyday oxygen breathing experience. Made from recyclable aluminum and 100% recyclable after use, all O+ products are filled and quality-controlled in the U.S.A., offering you the best value and quality in recreational oxygen worldwide. Breathe easy. Your instant, healthy wake-up call has arrived.